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PP/HDPE Woven Fabric & Woven Bag

Dec 15, 2016

We offer the complete range of HDPE/PP woven bags with and without Liner, HDPE/PP Woven Fabric Laminated and Unlamented, HM/LDPE Liner Roll and Bag, Craft Paper bag etc

HDPE/PP Woven Bag:

Features :

Flexible and high strength

Double side print

Water & dust proof design

Heat/Wave Cut & hemmed top

Flat or anti-slip weaving

Application :
The HDPE/PP woven sacks and PP woven bags are ideal for the packaging of products, which include the following:


Food grains


Cashew nuts

Animal feeds



Seeds… etc

HDPE/PP Woven Fabric:

The fabric production process is subjected to rigorous quality control procedures. Due to stringent quality checks, we offer our customers products that are superiors in technical parameters and with minimum defects (less than 1%). Polypropylene fabric consists of hydrophobic which restricts the possibility of moisture in the fabric and further, it extracts the moisture vapor away from the skin. Modern machinery and the adopted strategy of orientation on buyers' individual needs enable us to manufacture fabrics that satisfy all the requirements of our customers.

We offering Circular Woven Fabric Coated and Uncoated, Flat Woven Fabric Coated and Uncoated in Different color shed and different size also

BOPP Coated Bag

We offer high quality wholesale bags that are used for packaging of products such as rice, flour, salt, chocker, maida, animal feed and more. Made from high quality material, these bags have a high strength and are ideal for bulk packaging of various products. Our range of BOPP bags provide convenience in use, perfect protection for external factors and at the same time do not affect the inherent attributes of the product. We can offer tailor made bags to meet the specific requirements of different applications

Use of Bags :
These bags are used for packing the following :






Animal Feed

Bird Feed

Agro Products