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PP (Polypropylene) Woven Gusset Bags

Apr 27, 2017

SG GLOBAL manufacture wide range of PP Woven Gusset bags, both Woven PP Gusset bag with lamination (coated) and uncoated. Muscat Polymers exports almost 100 Metric Tons of PP Gusset bags out of its total exports of PP woven sack

PP Gusset (window) Woven sack due to its construction is able to stand vertically, when the products are filled into the bags the side that comes out making the PP Gusset bags to easily stand vertically. This is a fantastic feature that assists in product location when being stored, whether on racking, on pallets, or a simple pile on the floor. PP Gusset bags are very much ideal for the storage of granules or power form products. In addition to Woven PP Gusset bags are highly used for the packing of agriculture products, animal feed stock and various other products.

Transparent or Natural PP Gusset bags are widely used now for the packaging as it provides the see through from the side and the customers can see the products from outside.  There are various type of options available MPPL can provide Milky white or any Color bags with Transparent (Natural) Gusset on the side.  

Please contact our Exports team for any further information about our production capacities and capabilities for manufacturing wide range of PP Woven sack.