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PP (Polypropylene) Woven Laminated (coated inside & outside) Bags

Apr 25, 2017

SG GLOBAL about 200 Metric Tons of Coated PP Woven sack every month including plain and printed PP Coated woven bags.   Coated Polypropylene Woven sacks are very economical due to its filling capacity as it has greater strength (with no breakage and spillage of products) and at the same time it prevents the loss of goods because of its unique water resistance characteristic.

We can provide both the types of laminated bags, inside and outside. With the lamination is done inside it gives a great edge when printed with bright finish and quality printing.  

Muscat Polymers Coated PP Woven Sack is widely used for various packaging applications giving the performance and toughness in terms of usability along with the every cost effective packaging medium.

Please contact our Exports team for any further information about our production capacities and capabilities for manufacturing wide range of PP Woven sack.