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PP Woven Sacks with Liners

Mar 10, 2017

We are bulk exporter of PP Woven Bags with Liners, PP Woven Sacks with Liners. These are used in packing of fine chemicals, sugar, fertilizers etc. PP Woven Sacks/Bags with Liners offer by Bang Polypack, is manufactured using quality raw materials.

Since, this category of PP woven bags / sacks are especially used for the packaging of fine grade (fine granules), pulverous & force flowing materials such as chemicals and fertilizers, animal feed, sugar, flour etc, these bags have an additional PE liner, which not only protects the products from external elements but also ensures complete safety against any sort of leakage and pilferage.

We even design and manufacture PP bags with liner and PP woven sacks with liner as per the specific requirements of our clients depending upon the purpose and application of these bags.