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Jun 15, 2017

We produce tarpaulins which are flexible and large therefore it has many uses. Muscat Polymers Pvt. Ltd produces tarpaulins which are coated to be waterproof, resist ultraviolet or sun rays, and protective to extreme hot or cold weather conditions and are even made to resist wind along with an important benefit of having high strength and durability

In addition to protecting goods and areas from weather, our tarpaulin is also used to protect the floor from paint splatters or an open truck load items and even Farmers can use it to cover hay. Our Tarpaulins come in different size, colors and materials. It is up to the customers to choose the one that best suits them.

1. Tarpaulin for Storage: 
During the storage of goods, the maintaining of quality is the biggest challenge for any producer. Our Tarpaulin being Strong and weather resistant takes care of your valuable goods like commodities, food grains, cotton, fertilizers and chemicals from degrading and acts as a second skin.

Tarpaulin for Transport:
Extra strong Tarpaulin protects valuable cargo during transportation by road, rail or ship from rain and hot winds. Our Proper sealed Tarpaulin ensures that your cargo is safe and protected against uncertain conditions and is safely reached to the end user.

3. Tarpaulin for Outdoors:
Our High quality Tarpaulin is ideal for picnics & outdoor functions. Trekkers, campers and holiday makers can use our Tarpaulin as an ideal for shelter, thereby our tarpaulin stands protective for industries as well as to fun loving and adventurous people.