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Oct 28, 2016

For extensive use of mesh bags I believe we all know, it has a breathable mesh bags, the contents of fruits and vegetables

Non-perishable, intuitive good; flexibility, subject to strong, not easily deformed, perseverance; lightweight, soft, smooth, flat wire fruits and vegetables physical protection from harm during transport. Its production process Consider the following description:

First mesh bag plastic flat yarn production process from raw materials and after mixed materials. Then it from the extruder melt extruded into a film. Followed by the film after cooling, the wire is divided into strips (blank wire) Biansi happen again stretched orientation, the last of these flat yarn wound on the bobbin, made spindles send about knitting process woven production process engineering. Only wire is divided into strips (blank wire), the production split yarn production process and the process is basically the same flat yarn.

Plain weave type mesh bags, side bags, sewn bottom, usually used flat or chain stitch method, the burr volume discount is 2 fold, folding width greater than or equal 1.3cm, two fundamental parallel flat needle stitching, parting from the fold along the inside and outside edges 1/3. Wide at the hem, no jumpers, and did not return to float needle.

French suture a chain, located inside the hem, no jumpers, floating line.

Warp mesh side bags, woven bags at the end of weaving together selvage selection of hot melt cutting knife, casual side appearance, woven bags reprint or double weave bag edge width 2.3 ± 1cm.