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Plastic Bags

Oct 28, 2016

Weave density means within 100mm × 100mm braid, the number of warp and weft. National Standard GB / T8946-1998 stipulates that "flatten the bag, the bag, the next two on the corner delineation of 100mm × 100mm two blocks, a block away from the outer edges of the bag 100mm, warp and the number of visual box when averaged count when finished a point less than last, according to a count. "national standards set forth in the weave density while requiring a density tolerance. Weave density depends mainly on packaging products, determined by the user.

Plastic woven Glossary: woven mainly in terms of: Plastic bags are polypropylene (English pp) as the main raw material, extrusion, stretching into the flat, and then by weaving, the preparation, the bag is made.

1. weave density tolerances.

Weave density tolerance is the ratio of a given standard weave density or reduce the number of multiple flat yarn.

2. The quality of woven fabric per unit area.

Woven basis weight based on weight per square meter to indicate the number is woven an important technical indicators. Weight per square meter depending on the number of warp and weft density and thickness of the flat wire, square meter weight in grams of the impact tensile strength woven cloth, load capacity, weight per square meter is the number of producers controlling a major part of the cost.

3. woven tensile load.

Tensile load, also known as tensile strength, tensile strength. For Booker bear knit warp and weft tensile load in both directions, so that the warp and weft tensile load.

4. width.

Various woven bag directly affect the width of the step. For cylinder cloth folded represented by width, off by equal half of a circumference.

Width retraction, all woven weaving width after coiling, cutting volume in the exhibition, printing, stitching, made the bag width should be slightly smaller than the width of the take-up when we said width retraction.

5. feel.

PP Flat Yarn knitted feel more solid, very wide, stiff some.

HDPE flat yarn woven fabric feel soft, smooth, not dense.

PP Flat Yarn calcium compound added in masterbatch, feel very wide, a small increase in PP HDPE will make it more flexible.

Biansi narrow woven flat, soft, flat wide when folded silk woven more, feel rough.