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Dec 15, 2016

Woven & coated woven Polypropylene bags are one the most widely used bags in the packaging industry due to their durability, flexibility and strength.  Commonly used in packing food grade grains, animal feeds, seeds, fertilizers, flour, sugar and pellets or other materials. QINGDAO SG GLOBAL PACKAGING is long history supplier and manufacturer of woven and laminated Polypropylene bags, with more than 20 years manufacturing and exporting experience. Our bags come with open tops which can be heat cut or hemmed, also available with or without gussets. Bottom of bag can be made with single folded and stitched, double folded and stitched. We produce these bags in large quantities allowing for very competitive pricing. You can get standard plain bags or custom designed in unique sizes and colors with a variety of printing options. For more information please call us at: 86-0532-83886801 or for a quote click at our website.


Strongest and most flexible packaging material
Customized made in =any color
Most accepted packaging material in world
Printed up to 10 colors
Coated and uncoated options
Cost effective packaging material