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Oct 28, 2016

Tons of bags, also known as FIBC (flexible freight bags), bulk bags, space bags, is an intermediate bulk container is a container unit appliance, together with the crane or forklift, container can be achieved means of transport. It facilitates the shipment of bulk powder materials in bulk, with volume, light weight, ease of handling, etc., it is a common one of the packaging material. It is characterized by simple structure, light weight, can be folded back to the empty space occupied by small, low prices. First, the characteristics:

1. Container load between 0.5-3T, the volume between 500-2300L, insurance factor can be based on user needs 3: 1,5: 1,6: 1 design,

2, according to the content of goods into bulk container bags and small package goods container bags into two categories, one-time trial and the trial turnover trial.

3. Container according to shape into round, square and U-shaped body of three.

4, lifting roof structure hanging type, hanging type and a bottom side hanging type, there is usually expected out. Second, the performance

Applicable types: type reusable / disposable shape: square / rectangle Lifting form: top hanging / hanging side / bottom hung

The feed inlet: feed inlet / no inlet (large opening / waterproof drape) spout: with a discharge outlet / no spout material: polypropylene (PP) Load capacity: 0.3 t -2 tons

Production process: The Container is polypropylene as the main raw material, adding a small amount of uniformly mixed condiments stability through an extruder melt extrusion of plastic film, cut wire, and then stretched by the high heat setting made low intensity extending PP raw silk, and then by the textile, lamination made of woven plastic fabric, sewn with the rear straps and other accessories made of tons of bags.